Welcome to my "Rogues Gallery" that is what some of my friends have started calling it. Any way enjoy the site, look around there are lot of things to see.

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8/21/2010Changed lay out to an old one. srry, I just have not had time to do much else over the past 3 yrs. I blame the kid.
3/17/2007Srry, for the lack of creative work. A new background is in the works and I could not stand looking at xmas any more. Chk the blog for more info.
6/18/2006It' time for the very sepradic update. A lot has happened with me in the past year plus. On September 17th of '05 I got married to my wife Julie. Three days eirler the company I work for went into bankrupcy. So now that were just setteling into a grove of normal every day life we find out the Julie is expecting our first child in December we hope. Due date is the 29th we hope he or she shows up before the 1st for lots of reasons. So the setteling into a grove of normalicy will have to wait a little longer and then I can get back ot workin on my site.
2/9/2005Sorry to all of those who have been checking the site and not the web log. I have kinda moved my news section over to that page. Anyway I have to update this as well. Not much to report on the cel front. I have a few to scan and upload yet but the purchesing has slowed to a trickel. New houses do that kinda thing. So do future wives. Wedding plans are in full swing and starting to get expencive even tought we are trying to do thing on the cheap. I will be in Vages Feb 17th thru 20th. If you hve any ideas for "must" see places I would love to here from you. Thanks for the time pogo

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Title Last Updated
801st TTS Air Bats (4) 2/16/2004
Armitage (2) 5/14/2003
Battle Athletes Victory (23) 6/5/2004
Bubblegum Crisis (4) 3/21/2004
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (5) 2/23/2003
Burn-Up W (8) 6/5/2004
Card Captor Sakura (18) 4/28/2004
Devil Hunter Yohko (3) 12/13/2002
Di Gi Charat (5) 4/28/2004
DNA^2 (2) 1/8/2004
El Hazard (4) 3/13/2003
Evangelion (1) 8/13/2004
Fan cels (9) 6/5/2004
Gundam Wing (4) 8/16/2003
Haunted Junction (4) 12/21/2003
Hyper Police (6) 3/11/2004
Iczer-Iczelion (10) 12/21/2003
Inyu Yasha (7) 3/19/2003
Jubei Chan (2) 6/7/2004
Magic Kingkts Rayearth (8) 6/5/2004
Magical Kanan Canan (3) 7/10/2003
Magical Twilight (18+) (1) 5/1/2003
Maho Tsukai Tai (Magic Users Club) (1) 12/25/2003
Mahoromatic (1) 9/27/2003
Marmalade Boy (4) 7/12/2003
Midnight Panther (1) 8/29/2002
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (1) 10/24/2003
Nadesco (4) 9/2/2004
NG Knight Lamune (3) 9/8/2002
Now and Then, Here and There (3) 10/24/2003
Oh, My Goddess (1) 1/16/2004
One Hit Wonders (11) 6/5/2004
Outlaw Star (3) 10/27/2002
Photon (5) 11/19/2003
Plastic Little (5) 8/30/2003
Pokemon (2) 12/17/2002
Ranma 1/2 (11) 1/14/2004
Ruroni Kenshin (2) 4/28/2004
Saber Marionette (3) 2/12/2003
Sailor Moon (8) 11/26/2003
Sakura Taisen (Wars) (6) 12/21/2003
Samurai Troopers (1) 4/17/2003
Slayers (7) 11/30/2002
Tenchi Muyo (10) 3/31/2004
Those Who Hunt Elves (3) 8/13/2004
Unknown Cels (14) 2/12/2003
Video Girl Ai (2) 5/1/2003
Wedding Peach (5) 6/7/2004
Words Worth (2) 6/12/2003
YAT (4) 8/27/2002
Your Under Arrest (4) 2/12/2003
Yu Yu Hakusho (7) 4/17/2003

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